We are very pleased to offer teacher training in teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) at Núvitundarsetrid via the Centre for Mindfulness at Bangor University, UK.

We will be offering the following modules/elements in 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Some of them can either be taken individually or as a part of the Teacher Training Pathway (see further information below).

Part 1 includes the following modules/elements:

On the completion of the modules/elements above you will receive the Certificate of Readiness to teach MBSR or MBCT.

What does this mean?

This is a certificate of readiness to begin to teach with supervision.

Part 1 training develops the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to begin to teach MBSR or MBCT with supervision.
Ideally you will teach your first course as an assistant to a more experienced teacher; this is the most supportive way for you to start. However this isn’t always possible.

For the first one or two courses you are teaching we recommend that you have weekly supervision that begins before your classes start so that you can have some guidance with the participant assessment process, development of your teaching materials and recordings as well as week by week guidance through the course(s).

Supervision should be as much as you need but at least in line with the UK Good Practice Guidelines.

In 2020 we will be offering the following modules/elements.

They can either be taken individually or as a part of the Teacher Training Pathway via Part 2 A and Part 2 B.

Successful Completion of Part 1 TTP is required before commencing Part 2

Part 2 has 2 sections:

Part 2 A, is an opportunity to develop experience and confidence in MBSR or MBCT teaching through: further training at level 2, supervised teaching, attendance on retreats, continuing personal practice and engagement with your supervisor.

During part two Part A you are expected to work with your supervisor to reflect on your readiness for teaching skills assessment.

Part 2 A

  • Teach a minimum of 3 supervised MBSR or MBCT courses.

  • Complete Teacher Training Level 2 (TTR2)

  • Attend a 7-day silent, guided mindfulness meditation retreat. Or equivalent.

  • Attend 2 day workshop: Group Skills for Mindfulness teachers.

  • Supervisors report

  • Retreat report

  • Reflective writing on part 2 training

Portfolio evidence of TTP Part 2 A (along with successful completion of Part 1) forms the entry requirements for Part 2 B the Module ‘Mindfulness Teachers Professional Pathway’ (MTPP).

Part 2 B

This is an opportunity to have your teaching competence assessed via the MBI-TAC.

It is a 15 credit module at Level 7 (post graduate level). “Mindfulness Teachers Professional Pathway’ (MTPP) requirements:

Registration followed by:

  • Attendance on the ‘Professional and Ethical issues for Mindfulness teachers’ one day, workshop in Bangor.

  • Submission of a video recording of your teaching of an entire 8 week MBSR or MBCT course

  • Submission of a reflective report on teaching the course recorded for assessment.

On the completion of the modules/elements above you will receive the Certificate of Competency in Teaching MBSR or MBCT, which is the highest qualification for a MBSR or MBCT teacher.

The intention of the TTP is to provide a way of training, via a portfolio approach, that is flexible and can be adapted by you to suit your current situation and your pre-existing experience. The TTP will take a minimum of 3–4 years for those who are just beginning on the pathway. For those who already have training and may be already teaching mindfulness-based courses it may take less time. There is however no time limit and we encourage you to develop your learning and experience at a pace that works for you and your life circumstances.

The TTP handbook can be found here.


Contact us if you need any further information or

if you would like to register for the course




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